Club Connector is part of Connector and Discover Dubai magazines and websites.

Connector is one of UAE's leading media platforms, launched as a residents community and lifestyle magazine 30 years ago on October 1991. From its humble beginnings as a residential flyer, Connector now reaches more people, more often, through it's informative website, regular eNewsletters and growing social media following.

Jam-packed with the latest events and activities, health and fitness, sport and leisure, fashion and beauty, home and family, and entertainment and dining, Connector is often people’s first point if reference whether they are new to the Emirates or long time residents.

Discover Dubai has been informing, updating and advising thousands of visitors and tourists that come to Dubai since November 2005. It's high traffic website receives visits from all over the word from people looking at what to see, do and know about Dubai before they come and while they are here.

Club Connector, through it's links with Connector and Discover Dubai, has the capability to reach thousands of residents and tourists and offer them instant discounts on everything from salons and spas, to hotels and restaurants ... at no cost to them