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Members Q & A

How do I join Club Connector?

Simply register online and you will have immediate access to all offers at Club Connector.

How much is the Membership fee?

Membership is completely free to all users.

What are the advantages of being a member?

• As a member you can browse through the offers available at any time and download the ones of your choice 24/7
• You no longer need to carry a card or voucher book and you no longer need to plan which outlet you're going to use in advance.

How will I receive the offer?

A PDF voucher with electronically generated reference number will be sent to your email. Simply show the voucher to the outlet on your smart phone or device, or print the voucher if you choose.

Do I need to print off the voucher to redeem the offer?

You can if you prefer, or you can show the voucher on your electronic device (phone, tab, etc.)

Is my current Connector Loyalty Card still valid?

No, from now on you will need to register online as a member to redeem the offers.

Partners Q & A

What are the benefits of becoming a Partner with Club Connector?

• You can provide an offer at any time within the course of your annual contract
• There is no long term commitment to any specific offer
• You can upload an offer when business is quiet or you have too much stock
• Your offer is available to over 10,000 current members
• Members have instant access to your offer
• Members do not have to carry a card or voucher to redeem your offer
  – Know your potential customers
  – Encourages the opportunity for passing trade
  – Members have free access to your offers 24/7
  – Members can download unlimited offers, encouraging repeat custom

How do I become a Club Connector Partner?

Simply register online and pay the annual contract fee (For further details call 04-3902724)

How do I upload my offer?

Send the content to admin@connector-dubai.com.

How do I change my offer?

Send the content to admin@connector-dubai.com.

What if I want to cancel my offer?

Send an email request to admin@connector-dubai.com.

How often can I change my offer?

Whenever you like, just send an email request to admin@connector-dubai.com.

How is Club Connector promoted to Members?

• Regular newsletters via email.
• Print, online, social media, events and promotions.

Who are Club Connector's Members?

Our members consist of both residents and tourists from are a diverse range of nationalities.

How many offers can I give?

Unlimited offers when you sign up for annual contract.

What if I want more than 2 active offers?

Send an email request to admin@connector-dubai.com.

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